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Программное обеспечение

Программное обеспечение
MS Office 2019, MS WinPRo SNGL OLP

Computers, office equipment, software; Software;
Total value:4 825 000,00 KZT (including VAT)
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
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Bid submission deadline:15.08.2019 10:28 (was extended by 28 min, 49 sec)
Latest editing:12.08.2019 14:15
Additional info
Per-item bid submission
Participants can submit their proposals for separate items of the purchase
Restriction on submission of a bid which is higher than the previous one
The bidding organizer has set a restriction on submission of a bid containing a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the price stated can not be increased.
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
Rank assignment to bids
In the course of bidding a rank (position) in terms of price is assigned to a quotation.
Assignment of the 1st rank (position) to a bid does not cause the bidder's win, but enhances the bid's preferability for the Buyer when selecting the winner, all other factors being equal.
Purchase documentation:Not uploaded
Payment terms:50/50
Delivery terms:Электронно
Georeferencing:050002, Казахстан, Алматы,050002, ул. Зенкова, 2а

Обязательная подгрузка КП,
Место проведения процедуры:Данная процедура проводится в электронной форме, предложения участников подаются только через функционал ЭТП ETS-Tender.

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Status of bidding: archival.
Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 15.08.2019 at 12:25 has decided consider as the best the bids from companies
  • Offer (name hidden) as of 14.08.2019 17:24:01 — on Item No. 1
  • Offer (name hidden) as of 15.08.2019 09:58:28 — on Item No. 2

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Ground of decision: стоимость ПО
Ranking (by price)Company / Date
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 3
13.08.2019 15:37:50
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 4
14.08.2019 09:14:04
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 1
14.08.2019 17:06:32
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 5
14.08.2019 17:24:01
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 7
15.08.2019 09:55:18
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 2
15.08.2019 09:58:28
Bid for Items No. 1, 2
Participant 6
15.08.2019 10:07:25
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